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How can Journey Dental Consulting help you?

Team Building

Simply putting people together in a room and calling them a "team" does not actually make them operate together like a true team. Create team-building activities before they actually begin on a project so that they can learn how to function together as a team. Learning how to communicate and understand each other is key.


Each department has a different role in the practice. Learning the tools to properly communicate with each other, including the patients, is important to keep the morale of the office positive.

Workflow & Protocols

Well written procedures and guidelines ensure equal participation and accountability. When everyone understands and agrees to them it allows them to work effectively both independently and as a team.


Proper training results in fewer mistakes. When an employee is well trained it leads to a more profitable and efficient workplace environment. Training can also help with safety concerns, communication issues and increase the office morale.

Patient Experience

When patients have a positive experience in your practice, they will not only be more inclined to accept recommended treatment and return for ongoing care, but also refer friends and family. The resulting outcome will help to build your reputation and your practice.


Going chartless, if you aren't already, can make a world of difference when it comes to productivity. Utilizing your dental software to streamline and automate your processes will save time and money.

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About Journey Dental Consulting?

Amanda is a wife and mother of 5. She loves to travel, wine taste and spend time with family and friends. She is the one who puts on the get-togethers, the organizer for the holidays and parties and is always there to help others.

With almost 30 years in dentistry and working with several practices in various positions, Amanda has seen firsthand the obstacles dental practices are facing every day. Leaving her place as an office manager and transitioning into sharing her knowledge with other practices has been a very rewarding and fulfilling journey. She is a certified Dentrix and Dentrix Ascend trainer. Working for some of the best doctors and teams have provided her with the skills to grow a practice with a different approach. By incorporating life coaching with team building, communication skills, and proper team training she can take your practice to the next level.

She has utilized these techniques in the offices and has doubled production, improved collections, organized workflow to maximize productivity, built positive and valued employees and increased new patients all without outside marketing.